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Houston. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump addressed the Indian community at the NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday. During this, Modi targeted Pakistan on Kashmir issue without naming it. Modi said- "What India is doing, some people are facing problems due to which their own country is not getting care. Where is 9/11 in America or 26/11 in Mumbai, where are its conspirators found? Friends! Now the time has come for a decisive fight against terrorism and those who promote it. '' Modi said, "These people have made hatred for India the center of their politics. These are the people who want unrest. Supporters of terror and nurture terrorism. His identity is not only you, but the whole world knows well. I would like to emphasize here that President Trump has stood firmly in this fight. Give President Trump a one-time standing ovation. Brothers and sisters! A lot is happening in India. A lot is changing and we are going on with the intention of doing a lot. That which is the bane of difficulties is the tower of my spirits. '' 'Applause for MPs of India to abolish Article 370' Modi also referred to the removal of Article 370. He said, "Article 370 deprived the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh of development and equal rights." It was taking advantage of the forces that increased terrorism and separatism. Now the rights that the Constitution of India has given to the rest of the Indians, those rights have been given to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The discrimination between women and children and Dalits is over there. In the Rajya Sabha, where we are not in the majority, also passed it by two-thirds. Once, standing applause for the MPs of India. Here, witness the growing synergy of energy India-America: Modi returned to the stage again after Trump's address, Prime Minister Modi said, "This is the scene." This is the atmosphere. It is inconceivable. And when it comes to Texas, everything is grand, huge in nature. Today we are seeing a new history - new chemistry being formed here. This energy is a witness to the growing synergy between India and America. The name of this program is Howdy Modi, but Modi is nothing alone. I am an ordinary person working on the orders of 130 crore Indians. '' In India, more than twice the population of America, Modi said, "Today, more than 50 thousand Indians sitting in this stadium are present here as representatives of our great tradition. There are many of you who have contributed in the Lok Sabha elections 2019, the biggest festival of democracy in India. It was an election that brought the power of Indian democracy to the world. More than 61 crore voters participated in this election. In a way, nearly twice RACE IAS Page 2 of 62 the total population of America participated in the voting. There were 8 crore youth who were first time voters. In the history of Indian democracy, the highest number of women voters voted this time. The highest number of women has also come. We are not facing anyone but ourselves: Modi "Patience is the identity of us Indians. But now we are impatient for the development of the country. In the 21st century, development is the most popular word to take the country to new heights. The biggest mantra is - Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. The biggest policy is public participation. Today, the most popular slogan of India is - Sankalp se Siddhi. Today, India's biggest resolve is - New India. India today is doing day and night to fulfill the dream of New India. The most important thing in this is that we are not facing anyone but ourselves. They are also changing themselves. Identify Cheap Data Digital India Prime Minister Modi said, "If data is available anywhere in the world at the lowest price, then that country is India." Today, the price of 1 GB of data in India is around 25 to 30 cents. That is, even a quarter of a dollar. I would also like to mention that the average price in the world of one GB of data is 25 to 30 times higher. This cheap data is becoming the new identity of Digital India in India. It has redefined governance in India. '' Trump considers me a Tough Negotiator: Modi Modi said, "President Trump calls me Tuff Negotiator, but he himself specializes in The Art of the Deal. I am learning a lot from them. I would like you to visit the family in India. You give us the opportunity to welcome you. This friendship of both of us will give a new height to the shared dreams and bright future of India-America. "The Prime Minister said-" We are seeing history being made. People are eyeing this moment from New Delhi to New Jersey and Hyderabad to Houston. In 2017, you introduced me to your family. Today I have got the chance to introduce you to my family. ' 600 million voters in India are very large number: Trump Initiating the address, US President Donald Trump said, "I welcome the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, America's most trusted and good friend." Prime Minister Modi is doing a good job for India. It is an honor to be present in this historic event. Indians settled in America are working for the progress of America. Just a few months ago, 60 crore Indians won Prime Minister Modi and his party in the world's largest election. Congratulations. (60 crores) This is a very large number. Happy Birthday to you too (Modi had a birthday on September 17). The Prime Minister and I have come here to celebrate everything that unites Indians and Americans. We are proud of the 4 million Indians in America. You too have contributed to making America proud. My administration is always there for you. Trump mentioned terrorism, said: Border security for India is as important as America Trump mentioned Islamic terrorism in his speech. He said, "Both India and the United States believe that in order to keep our community safe, we must protect our borders. My administration has worked on this till now. Those who are a threat to our country are being ensured that they do not enter America. The security of the border is equally important for India. We are taking unprecedented steps and making arrangements to stop illegal immigrants from the south. We are grateful to the legal migrants who work hard and pay taxes. We do not want to provide free facilities to illegal visitors. I would never want a leader to allow illegal migrants to enjoy the rights of legitimate migrants. '' The Indo-US constitution begins with three beautiful words: Trump said the US president, "The Indo-US relationship is stronger than ever." Our relationship is based on shared values and democracy. We follow the law and work for justice. The constitutions of both countries begin with three beautiful words - We the Peopleā€¦. The world is watching India move strongly under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Several lakh people have come out of poverty under Prime Minister Modi's rule. This is important.