RACE IAS Ad Arihant Colour
Our Profile

RACE IAS has been established to foster excellence among IAS aspirants in terms of competitiveness and knowledge. It is a vibrant pre-selection training wing of Rajesh Academy for Civil Examinations, a registered society under Registration Act, 2002. The institute is located at basement Palika bazaar, Kapoorthala, Aliganj, Lucknow .
Our effort is not only to provide the students with a road-map to effective learning but also to reassure them of our motivating company during their journey to success. Our mission is to help aspirants with facts, analytical skills and attitude. The need for right information clear perspective and democratic values can not be overstated. In addition to imparting knowledge of the concerned subjects, RACE I.A.S lays great emphasis on leadership development, ethics and social responsibility, and personality development.
In order to promote specialization in academic programmes, the Institute maintains a hub of expert faculties and also conducts guest lectures. The Vision of the Academy is to inculcate innovation and competitiveness among dedicated and committed IAS aspirants.

The fundamental goal of the institution is to indoctrinate

• Qualitative and updated study material based upon revised syllabus.

• Special focus to aspirants, having no background of the subject.

• Answer–writing skills through regular mock tests with feedback sessions.

• Concept building through facilitative style of teaching.

• To offer a Competitive attitude rather than being a mere scholar.