How to Crack UPSC?

Every year an average of 900,000 to 1,000,000 candidates appears for UPSC exams, and only 20,000 people clear the prelims. To become one of the top percentages of people who create the UPSC exam, you will need the determination and the proper guidance. Most people who have attempted and cleared the UPSC prelims agree that clearing UPSC in the first attempt is nearly impossible. However, just because a very small amount of people have done it before does not mean you won't be able to do it.


If you attend a UPSC coaching institute like RACE IAS, there is a high chance of you clearing the exam in the first attempt. However, whether you are appearing for the UPSC for the first time or it is your second or third attempt, here is how you can crack the exam that is deemed to be nearly impossible:


  1. Cover the entire syllabus: Whenever you start preparing for the UPSC exam, make sure that you have enough time to cover the entire syllabus. Unlike your school and college exams, which is why the sooner you start your preparation, the better it is for you. Therefore, making sure to give enough time to each topic and revising it daily is the key to success.
  2. Understand the pattern: If you do not understand the syllabus pattern, you will find it extremely hard to clear the exam. There is also a difference between the UPSC prelims and mains; while prelims are objective, mains questions are descriptive. RACE IAS will help you prepare for both exams as per the pattern.
  3. Attempt mock test: Mock tests are a great way to get into the mindset of an actual UPSC exam. The more mock tests you attempt, the more comfortable you will feel while appearing for the actual exam. Mock tests also help you build speed to solve all the questions within a given time frame. RACE IAS help students prepare with weekly mock tests for their UPSC exams, and you can do it too at your home at the end of every day.
  4. Make a timetable: A timetable will help you achieve your goals on time, which is why most UPSC aspirants swear to have a timetable that works for them. You do not even have to follow a timetable that someone else follows; you can create one that works specifically for you. Once you make the timetable, you should also make sure to follow it rigorously to create a disciplined routine.
  5. Revision: We cannot stress enough how important it is to revise your notes at the end of every day. Most coaching centres will keep revision sessions at the end of each week, but revising every day will help you remember what you studied more easily. Make proper notes of everything you learned so that you would not have to study everything during revision.


These are only five ways you can crack your UPSC, but it will require you to practice your questions and study your notes without giving yourself a break.