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Mains Exam General Studies Paper II

(International Relations)

Why in News?

  • Recently US, Australia and UK have announced nuclear powered submarine deal, which aims to counter China's aggressive attitude in the Indo-Pacific region.

Main points:

  • Under this agreement, at least three nuclear powered submarines will be given by the US to Australia.
  • The main purpose of this agreement is to establish control over China's aggressive and expansionist policies in the Indo-Pacific region by the AUKUSGroup.
  • This submarine agreement is a part of the security agreement between these three countries.
  • The agreement was announced by US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after a summit in San Diego, US.
  • This step has been taken to keep the Indo-Pacific region "free and open".
  • 'SSN-AUKUS' will be based on the UK's next generation SSN design, incorporating state-of-the-art US submarine technologies and will be built and deployed by both Australia and the UK.
  • SSN stands for Nuclear Powered Submarine and AUKUS stands for Indo-Pacific Security Agreement between Australia, UK and US.
  • This agreement can strategically and diplomatically affect the Asia region including India.
  • However, this agreement can also prove to be important for India from economic and strategic point of view.

About AUKUSGroup:

  • It is an alliance group between Australia, the UK and the US related to a trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific region, which was formed in the year 2021.
  • This alliance is based on shared values between the three countries, commitment to democracy and common vision of a peaceful and prosperous future.
  • The main objective of this group is to exchange technology related to nuclear submarines among theAustralia, America and UK.

Significance of AUKUSGroup:

  • This group forms a strong alliance against China's aggressive activities in the Indo-Pacific region and the South China Sea.
  • This alliance strengthens the national security and stability of the three countries.
  • The alliance provides enhanced defense capabilities to all three countries with record investments in skills, jobs and infrastructure.
  • The alliance also emphasizes the development of emerging technologies such as applied artificial intelligence, quantum technology and deep sea capabilities, apart from various meetings between the three countries.

Relationship between AUKUS and QUAD:

  • In the year 2017, 'Quad' was formed to meet the needs of the Indo-Pacific region and to end China's influence. Whereas 'Aucus' is a security alliance between the three countries formed in the year 2021.
  • AUKUS has no direct relation with 'Quad' and neither activities of these two influence each other.
  • After the Indian Ocean tsunami, India, Japan, Australia and the US formed an informal alliance to cooperate in disaster relief efforts.
  • Broadly speaking, Quad is an organization of four countries which includes India, US, Australia and Japan.
  • These four countries are the biggest economic powers of the world. In 2007, the then Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe formalized it as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad.

China's Reaction to this Agreement:

  • China has condemned the nuclear-powered submarine deal, saying the deal is in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the three countries are on a "dangerous and wrong path".
  • Reacting to the announcement of the agreement, China said that theAUKUS treaty promotes a "cold war mentality" in the name of advancing cooperation on nuclear submarines and other cutting-edge military technology.
  • This treaty will not only promote arms race among Asian countries but will harm regional peace and stability.

Significance of this agreement for India:

  • India can expand and secure its sensitive strategic areas with the help of Australia's advanced technological capabilities.
  • This agreement will contribute to regional peace and security along with increasing India's technical capabilities.
  • India can take full advantage of the opportunities for closer cooperation with the UK on security issues in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • India can revive the political and economic relations that were spoiled due to English influence in the past with the help of Britain.
  • As the US promotes the strategic capabilities of its allies and partners to contain China's dominance in the Indo-Pacific region, India can further its strategic interests in cooperation with the US and its allies.
  • India can strengthen its military system by engaging in closer military cooperation, joint exercises and intelligence sharing, among other things.
  • India can build cooperation with the AUKUSalliance in areas such as maritime security, cyber security and intelligence sharing.

Way Forward:

  • India should explore opportunities in cooperation with this alliance keeping in view the national security interests.
  • India should try to maintain relations between countries like Russia, France and Japan through this alliance.
  • India should strengthen its position in the Indo-Pacific region through the Quad.




Mains Exam. Question

Recently, the AUKUS alliance has announced a nuclear-powered submarine deal, to which China has strongly reacted. What is the importance of this agreement for India?