Why RACE IAS is the Best Coaching for IAS / PCS / UPSC Examination

IAS aspirants who have been trying to clear UPSC, PCS, and IAS exams know precisely how hard it is to crack the exam without any help and support. If you do not have proper guidance, chances are you will not be able clear even the preliminary stages. Moreover, the competition has become more challenging with many people appearing for the exams. Therefore, with the increase in challenges, the need to have a coaching centre helping you achieve your success has become imperative.


RACE IAS is one of the leading coaching institutes in India, helping aspirants find a way to clear the exams and become civil servants. Undoubtedly becoming an IAS officer is one of the most sought-after jobs, which is why the competition is also higher than in regular jobs. We at RACE IAS understand the importance of well-structured courses, disciplined preparation, and timely revision sessions, so we offer an environment to do it all and more.


Here is what makes us, RACE IAS, one of the best coaching institutes for IAS / PCS / UPSC aspirants across the country:


  1. Faculty members: We have highly skilled and experienced faculty members with years of teaching experience under their belts. We will ensure that all our faculties use successful methods to help you remember the answers. If you are confused about whether our faculty members are skilled enough to make complex topics look more effortless, you can always talk with our ex-students and the current ones.
  2. Method of teaching: Every coaching centre has a different teaching method, and so do we. Once you are sure that you will be joining us as a student, the group of teachers will provide you with a detailed timetable of how to cover the entire syllabus and how we will approach the syllabus. We will use a simplified manner of teaching so that no matter how hard you find a particular topic, you will be able to grasp it quickly.
  3. Quality study material: Our studies are designed by some of the most sought-after faculties in the country. Following these materials have helped several of our students secure a rank in their UPSC, IAS, and PCS exams. Our study materials are high quality and updated with the current syllabus.
  4. Track record: Even though we are comparatively new in the IAS coaching industry, we have a stable and good track record since our inception.
  5. Performance of students: We keep track of the performance of all our students so that when anyone is not performing upto standard, we will help them improve on that specific subject or topic. We will help you overcome any problem you might have with a topic you do not enjoy studying.

These are some reasons why RACE IAS is the best coaching centre for some of the competitive exams in the country, including IAS, PCS, and UPSC.